This book is one of my first attempts at horror. I have written short horror stories but this will be my first attempt at a full-length novel with an overall alignment toward the macabre genre. It may not start out with the most blood, guts, and violence, but it will get there and I wanted to put up this warning. At one point in this book, there will be severed heads, detached limbs, and disemboweled corpses – so if you’ve got a squeamish stomach, or if you are younger than say… 13 – you probably wont enjoy this that much.

If you like the thought of unrestrained murder, copious amounts of blood/guts, and molested corpses, let me know what you think because this’ll be my first great attempt at being creepy, bloody, and angry. Also this is far from my other books on here – most of which have a positive driving force instead of a negative one.

Kyle Writtenword.

Ch. 1 – Of Hatred and Happiness

Ch. 2 – Thirst


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